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"I’m Anne Wayman. I’ve been clean and sober in AA and NA for well over 30 years now. I’m also active in Nicotine Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous and Underearners Anonymous.

Yes, I’m breaking anonymity because the book I wrote, Powerfully Recovered! challenges the 12 step movement and as the book developed I realized I wanted people to know exactly who was making that challenge. But I’ll go to the wall to protect your anonymity.

Powerfully Recovered! received something like 13 positive rejections from publishers submitted either directly, or later on, through an agent. I’ve never had so many positive rejections nor heard of that many. (My writing blog is AboutFreelanceWriting.com) Essentially each one said something like “good book, author knows what she’s talking about, someone should publish it, but not us.”

About that time self-publishing through POD or print on demand was just beginning and I discovered I could get the book published for about $400, and so I did.

This site is the third or fourth incarnation and it’s now a blog. It’s a blog because once the transition is made, design and redesign is so very easy, and because I find I have more to say and a blog is a perfect way to do that."

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