Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Must Have App!

Includes Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book's audio book with complete text: 5 free tracks of 14. In-App billing allows upgrade to full version.

Also includes:

* The Big Book 164 Pages
* AA Preamble
* Singleness of Purpose
* How It Works
* The Traditions
* The Promises
* Yellow Card
* Just For Today
* Serenity Prayer
* Sobriety Calculator
* And lots more to keep you sober....

The all new App for The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Includes the first 164 pages. An added bonus as Dr. Bob's nightmare and Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three (Personal Stories). This App includes 5 of the complete 14 audio tracks.

- From description on the Google Android Play Store

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