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  1. You sent me back to study step 10 -again, thanks! yup it is easy to fall into lazy patterns, take short cuts and make some excuses--- I normally would review my day in my evening prayers before bed, often of late I seem to be so tired I haven't- I am going to make a renewed effort to do that ! Nia
  2. The list from your fourth step and wisdom & insight you gleaned from the sharing of your fifth- usually is pretty comprehensive......the remaining work for me was how to become willing - Blessings-
  3. Yup, amends happen in phases and stages- great that you are trying! I prayed a lot before I approached anyone for this step-blessings, Nia
  4. I was pretty thorough in my fourth step. (went as far back as I could remember- with as many people as I could remember) this showed me 'my patterns of behavior-' in the fifth step. My sponsor showed me a lot and also asked me to look at some of the 'good'/positive aspects of my past- ( opposites of my character defects) it really helped me with forgiveness and acceptance... you will 'know' when you get to the later steps, what you need to do- they are in order, for a reason ! Blessings, Nia