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This is just a note on those posts in the steps part of the forum that have the myrecoveryspace tag, like the tag on this post. The posts with the myrecoveryspace tag in the forums for steps 1...12 have been copied into this forum from a previous forum that we ran on the site a few years ago. That was a social networking site for those in recovery, but has since been closed. These posts are where people shared about how they worked the steps and so we transferred them here because they are still relevant (the timelessness of the program, in one sense) and hopefully helpful. However, these posters are no longer active on this forum (unless they want to re-register - let us know and we will accommodate you!), but if you are a member of this forum you are of course free to add your own thoughts and reflections on these posts since they could be of use to others as well. You should not expect any replies from the original posters, though, in most if not all cases.

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