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This is a quick summary of the rules and guidelines. For details, please read the Policies, Rules and Posting Tips

  1. Be kind, decent and tolerant of one another on these forums. We are here to help each other, not to hurt each other.
  2. This forum is not for professional advice, only for peers to help peers in their recovery. 
  3. These forums are intentionally focused on sharing experiences about working the 12 steps. Due to constraints in our resources, for more extensive interactions with other forum members we encourage you to get in contact through the website or a similar social networking venue. 
  4. If anyone's behavior gets too bad and they do not heed warnings, they will be banned and their posts may be deleted. 

With those guidelines in mind, we thank you for your participation and hope that you get a lot of good guidance and can provide some good guidance for others working the 12 steps. 

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