The Recovery Shop

Home of "The Little Big Book Dictionary" and "The Little 12n12 Dictionary"
Serving the recovery community since 1998.

In the beginning was the word - er - dictionary... First printed - November 1998. 
The culmination of nearly 3 years work and another 3 years in subsequent years. 
Many hundreds of thousands of the dictionaries have been distributed since 1998. 
Now - over 1,000 copies are distributed every week. 

We are Lyle and Theresa P. ( SDs: Lyle - 2/8/83 / Theresa - 4/19/95 ) and our now 7 employees 
who are also active fellowship members totaling over 70 years sobriety and clean time. 
Our current ( 2016 ) average daily order rate is near 100 or more. ( Based on sales numbers from 
the two major suppliers of medallions in the world, in 2008, we became the largest retailer of medallions in the world - by far. ) 
Our current routine stock of medallions nears 200,000. Our routine stock of other items is similarly massive due to our growing sales demands. 

We know recovery circles and their needs first hand. 
Our aim is to responsibly serve those needs with integrity and fairness. 

- From their website

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