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  1. Hey everyone. Betsy here, alcoholic. Right now I'm working up to making amends with my husband. This is so hard for me. I've been completely blocked on this -- I'm really, really reluctant to take responsibility for the problems in our relationship. Our marriage isn't super-strong right now, although I continue to grow as an individual. I'm trying to decide whether to go or stay, but can do neither before making amends to him. Until I do, I'm just in orbit. Anyway, I just needed to spill this. It's weighing on me. I think I'll have to do this amends in pieces -- the first piece in the next few days. But I owe it to him and myself to get it done. thanks for reading B
  2. Thanks for starting this thread, byGrace. I thought I'd nailed steps 6 and 7, but have just gone back and am re-doing them now. Your post has helped give me direction in how to really do them. Betsy