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  1. Hey, doesn't make sense to find your defects in a book!. Look at your 4 and 5 steps. Those are the outcome of your defects. Name them. Name the reason beneath of each of your wrongdoings. Those are the defect so far your program had showed you. A good start. But usually there are more. For 6 is like peeling an onion, you get rid of one, and underneath there is another and another, and another. The question is "Do you really want to hold on to one of them?" For example, I found anger. Surprisingly, I did not want to give it up!. Yes, because anger gives me power and control. Why do I need power and control? Because I cannot stand unjustice, and also I am afraid of other. Yes -in my case- behind anger there was fear. Once I realize this, wasn't hard to find a psalm that shows me that 'I shall not fear' as long as I stay near my God. And without fear, I no longer need anger. So , I was ready to let it go. And keep peeling the onion...
  2. Hi, Can "Loneliness" be considered as a defect? I'm talking about the mental/clinical condition. My therapist suggested that I'm nor ready to face it yet, but how the can I progress on the steps if it is a "defect"?