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  1. Given that I know how painful childhood taunts can be, that I also know how, I can't describe how good I felt, when someone made amends to me for a painful act they had committed against me, and how good, how clean, I feel when I make amends, no matter how small the incident was, I personally would do what I could to make amends to all I've harmed be that whenever it was. Some incidents I will always feel bad, tho not all the time. Only when it comes to mind. Whether the person remembers, or cares, is irrelevant to me. Guess I'm selfish that way. LOL Often I pray when something painful I've done to another comes to mind. I pray my heart out for them, while also seeking a change in me. That may be the only amends I will be able to make to them. Hope you figure out what's best for you. :)