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A new town, new people, new room BUT the same message. It must be true.


In starting a journey to a new abundant life filled with both hope and serenity, I came across something that said “Came to believe that a Power greater than me could restore me to sanity”


I knew a lot of people I thought were on the nutty side, but saw the outwardly successful me as quite sane. How could I be fulfilling such an important role in life and be insane? Others yes, but not me.


Then I looked inside of me and looked closely at my actions. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome, I realized “insanity” fit!


When feeling down I ingested depressants and backed off exercise. I thought over and over about things I had felt I’d failed at. I procrastinated over actions I knew I had to take. I strayed outside my marriage. I lied to cover. I talked negatively about others. I did these things, and more, repeatedly, and always hoped the results would be different. The real result was a loss of a measure of sanity and a loss of me and my respect for self.


As I was reminded last night, most people automatically think the “Power” greater than themselves that can restore is God, and a biblical God. I have an appreciation for the role the Higher Power (Good Orderly Direction) I currently understand played in the restoration, but in the early going, the greater power was a team of professionals-doctors, coaches and therapists- who I knew could restore me to sanity. Funny who my Higher Power works through and the ways it manifests itself!


Yesterday it was good to be reminded of the old message in new surroundings. The message is consistent. Some of my behavior patters and actions were, by definition, insane. I had lost far too much on the inside. I believe 100% that power greater than I could and did restore me to sanity (although some may debate the level of success).


The journey continues on a daily basis and I actually feel the results. No end in sight, but I’m loving the trip. If I can offer you insights into the trip from a personal experience perspective, please get in touch.


-- keithb

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