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After we have worked the 12 steps to the best of our ability, we have started a journey that offers unlimited potential. What we do from here is critical.


We have made tremendous change in our life. We have begun the practice of good mental hygiene and are humbly confidant in who we are. We once again care for ourselves, and in doing so, have a far better ability to positively interact with others. We have begun a spiritual life with a higher power we understand, and feel the presence of this higher power on a regular basis. We have started to live a more "balanced" life. We feel daily the benefits of the work that we have done.


What now??


It is time to keep working the steps, but, GET A LIFE!


Unfortunately, I have seen people get addicted to their 12 Step program. You can have worse addictions, but my higher power gave me a chance to have a full and balanced life through living the 12 Steps, practicing good mental hygiene, and getting the help in needed to have a complete and happy life where I had the ability to live many of my dreams.


Balance is the key.


Unfortunately, the failure rate of those who attend a 12 Step meeting and/or go through rehab is very (95 %+) high. While I don't have stats, I would bet the success rate is very much better to those who have honestly worked the 12 Steps and live them. They are a real foundation for living.


Our improved way of living, when used as a base for holistic living, can give us new opportunities in our financial lives and careers, in all relationships, in bettering our education, in new hobbies, in our spiritual life, you dream it, it can be done! The horizons are without limit if we keep our new foundation solid!


It is based on this knowledge that Patrick Meninga started putting together the Creative Theory of Life Recovery ( Through who knows how, Patrick and I connected, have a common desire to see more people find what we have found, and have evolved a coaching process for clients, the "Co-Creative Process of Life Recovery". It works for those who truly want more out of life, and can be honest.


Co-Creative, yes, because it involves more than the client in the process.


So there we are, 12 Steps, hopefully kept simple for those who have been following; reviewed for me and my own journey.


If we can help you with the STEPS we're here. If we can coach you to new success in YOUR life, please contact through or to set up a complimentary getting to know each other session. We guarantee results!


-- keithb

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