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Hi April,

Thanks for your interest in the OneNote worksheets. This OneNote approach seems to be working only for the desktop Windows platform (not the Mac at this time, unfortunately). 

If you are wanting to use the OneNote workbook for desktop Windows, you should first go to this page:


There are two OneNote workbooks on that page. The first workbook has questions for all of the steps. The second workbook has questions for all of the steps PLUS in depth questions for Step 4. Let's say you want just the first workbook for questions with all of the steps. You should be able to click the first "Download" red button and it should download the file "MyRecovery.onepkg". Once that is downloaded to your desktop Windows computer, then just double click on the MyRecovery.onepkg file, and the OneNote program should open with the MyRecovery notebook visible. You can select some default color scheme when you first open the notebook and then you should be able to start using it. 

Hope that helps. :)

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