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STEP 2-The Revelation

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STEP 2/Twelve Steps


Each year I like to run through the 12 steps as written in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. These steps were an adaptation of many works before them, and are a universal truth for all people who want to enjoy good mental Hygiene and an abundant life. They have been adopted by some 150 self-help groups, and in the words of my favourite forensic psychologist, are the best basis for mental health around IF worked and lived.


I am not a step guru, and like to keep things as simple as possible.


Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.


This step does not talk about the god thing; and understanding the step was a real revelation to me! I believe the definition on INSANITY is repeating behaviour, and each time expecting different results. In science, when people do experiments several times and get the same results, they make observations and draw conclusions. They don't repeat the same experiment for 25 years to draw a conclusion. I did. INSANITY!


It was revealed to me in this step that there was an element of insanity in my behaviour. I came to accept this as readily as I came to accept unmanageability in Step 1. At long last I drew a conclusion that if I behaved a certain way and did certain things, the outcome would be personally destructive.


Now what to do about it?


My own best efforts had produced the insane behaviour that brought me to my own personal turning point. I could not solve the issues on my own. I needed help. For me to realize and accept that I needed help to solve living issues was against my grain. Up until then, I acted like I could solve not only my problems, but many of the problems of the world, and certainly the problems of those I was close to!


I knew that there was help available, and that the help would come from a power greater than me. I lacked trust in others, but I was low enough at this point in my life to attempt to trust. I need a power that was greater than me if one existed.


To be restored to sanity, I sought the help of professionals who understood the sanity business. My Doctor and an "addiction coach" were powers greater than me that I turned to for restoration. Anything spiritual was yet to come. I had no choice but to try trusting them.


How did I know that I had done this step?


The revelation of my insanity occurred and I accepted it. A portion of my behaviour was insane. I turned to sources outside of me for help; to deal with my insanity I knew they were more powerful than I. Over time, I trusted them as I came to believe I should, and over time sanity was restored.


In the revelation that insanity was part of my life, and there was hope, and in turning to a power greater than myself for help, I was able to trudge another step forward!


-- keithb

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