List of Summaries for our 12 Favorite Blogs from Dennis

These are some of our favorite blogs from Dennis, although no doubt this assessment would vary for many individuals and, indeed, it was somewhat challenging for us to pick out our favorites as well.

A Study in Contrasts [Jan 9, 2009]
"A bit of a special day today. I was requested to put color to canvas in regard to the directions one's life can take. "
Tolerance for perspectives [Feb 8, 2009]
"It is in all our best interests to observe respect for others beliefs. We should all here for the same reason - to give and receive Experience, Strength and Hope."
His will - or mine be done? [Aug 8, 2009]
"There's a test called the "Four Absolutes" that is part of early AA (a gift from the Oxford Group) that was used as a filter to test a decision, inspiration or idea to see which side of the fence it belonged on."
If it ain't broke - Don't fix it... [Nov 22, 2009]
"One of the things done is provide suggestions on the prayer and meditation. Things like taking notes when listening to God. Testing the ideas, inspirations and thoughts against the four absolutes."
Love is a Choice [Nov 29, 2009]
"But the point of this drivel is that a choice to love or not is just that. A choice, based on the external stimuli and a composite of internal emotions I am experiencing at any given time."
Our Common Welfare... [Dec 26, 2009]
"It's said that the 12 traditions are to an AA group what the 12 steps are to an alcoholic. From my experience, that is a cast-in-concrete fact."
Only one Boss [Dec 31, 2009]
"But yet no matter the issue before us we always can come to a decision that allows the group to continue in it's purpose - keeping me sober :-D."
Drunks need not apply??? [Jan 1, 2010]
"A stated desire to stop doing whatever your fellowship is there to help you with. Only YOU can declare yourself in - or out."
We get to do our own thing - kinda [Jan 3, 2010]
"This means that we can structure and set up a group any way that our collective group conscience deems appropriate. But then there are a few caveats to that."
What's in it for us? [Jan 8, 2010]
"What's in it for us? Through the giving of experience, strength and hope to a fellow alcoholic in need, we stave off that desire to do alcoholic acts (up to and including picking up that first drink)."
Staying Focused [Jan 10, 2010]
"We all have things we often embrace with great enthusiasm and energy. Cool. If you believe in something, you should support it. One caveat. Always use the proper venue."
Blood from a rock? [Jan 16, 2010]
"The seventh tradition insures that we are living within our means.We are responsible for what we do and how we do it."