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Jan - Apr 2008

Acceptance and Changing [Jan 14, 2008]
"The hardest fact I have had to swallow is that God will not change the world to fit my idea of perfection."
And Finally - Some Smarts? [Jan 15, 2008]
"There are times when I feel like a kid that just found a pretty marble and have to show it to everyone"
Nothing, nothing at all? [Jan 20, 2008]
"God -
Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I SHOULD NOT change"
Gratitude is an Attitude [Jan 27, 2008]
"Total mental focus and unbending intent is necessary to make a prayer of gratitude mean anything and have any effect."
Relationships [Feb 11, 2008]
"I spent so much time floating in a sea of alcohol that I never really grew up. As it is said, I stopped my emotional age at 16 or so."
No Whining [Feb 17, 2008]
"I was sabotaging my own happiness. Instead of accepting the small good things, I'd try to make them bigger and better - and ended up ruining them."
I Am Responsible [Feb 24, 2008]
"I have heard others say - I only have 1 month, 6 months, 2 years - what can I offer? The story of your struggles and victories speaks loud and clear to one crying out for help."
Rigorous Honesty vs Implicit Trust [Mar 7, 2008]
"One of the things I as a newcomer had to get a grip on in this program is that the majority of people in it are deadly serious about the 'sober' part."
Mutterings from a Fool [Mar 26, 2008]
"I'm finding that little line about 'courage to change the things I can (ME)' works really well - if I do something more than say it at the beginning and end of a meeting."
His music is my music [Mar 28, 2008]
"All harmony gone - because of choices I had made in my life. I was left in a soundless, soulless void with only one of two ways to choose."
Getting into life... [Mar 30, 2008]
"But he is obviously correct in that we need to express more than that single facet of our lifes to really relate to each other."
Personalities before Principles? [Apr 11, 2008]
"IMHO, that means that the practice of humility and acceptance of others is to be a foremost consideration when dealing with people - whether in or out of the fellowship."

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