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Apr - Jul 2008

Avocado [Apr 20, 2008]
"OK, you guys didn't change - but one huge thing changed in me. My perception of people. collectively and as individuals. "
Finding Something Lost [Apr 25, 2008]
"Either I am proactive in gaining/maintaining my serenity, or I'm just sober. Don't get me wrong - sober is great - but I loooooveeeee the serenity. "
This Will Kill You [Apr 27, 2008]
"Often one hears that someone has one more drunk in them, but they don't have another recovery. There you have it in a nutshell. Ninety miles an hour down a dead end street. Go out enough times and you will die."
Prudence [May 9, 2008]
"When I exercise prudence daily, I look at and weigh the alternatives regarding persons, places and things placed in my path. Then take the ones that are appropriate for His Will in my life. When I don't, the results are usually not pretty."
Bulletins and privacy settings [May 11, 2008]
"if you are new here and post a bulletin, chances are nobody will be able to read it. They are restricted to "friends"."
A three ring circus on a teeter-totter [Jun 6, 2008]
"So this all appears to be a pretty good reason for living in the moment, taking it one day at a time, letting go and letting God, dropping the rock, taking it easy."
Baggage Handling [Jun 7, 2008]
"The steps we are supposed to do are designed to help us get rid of that baggage. For if I do not rid myself of the nasty, annoying and spiteful anger, fear and resentments I cannot truly help others."
It's amazing what happens here [Jun 11, 2008]
"That no matter how bad and down I may feel, my problems are nothing to another who has little to no hope. That if I use a kind word or three to help another, it may just help them a little and always helped me a lot. "
"I'm sorry" doesn't quite cut the mustard [Jun 22, 2008]
"How many times have I hung my head, said "I'm sorry" and then went right back to doing the same things I was sorry for? "
Waiting for the Other Shoe [Jun 29, 2008]
"I could never have done this if it wasn't for the things I learned from you and others in recovery."
When I grow up I wanna be... [Jul 25, 2008]
"That the journey, once well started is leading to roads, byways and lanes I would have never dreamed of being able to negotiate whilst in my cups. "
Life on MY terms [Jul 29, 2008]
"I was told right from the first by a lot of people (probably closet drinkers, I figured) that the way they did it worked for them. You know, doing those 12 simple steps, getting a sponsor, going to meetings."

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