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Aug - Nov 2008

Shameful and Disgusting [Aug 9, 2008]
"But it doesn't stop me from telling every one of you younger people that by joining and sticking to a recovery fellowship now you have saved your own lives and have a chance to live a better life - longer."
Bad [Aug 16, 2008]
"how that simple word has so many different meanings for everyone. And how the meaning changes in application to the unchanging events in our lives."
Thank you for your time [Aug 29, 2008]
"Labor Day is a holiday for celebration and in gratitude of the work that all of us do, every day, day in and day out - even when we really don't want to. So this little ditty is for them and you all..."
Ego vs. Smarts [Sep 10, 2008]
"It doesn't matter one whit whether you have a PhD or are a high school dropout - if you have the ability to hold that alcoholic ego in check and are willing - you can have what they had..."
Perception + gratitude = serenity [Sep 27, 2008]
"The point to this babble is the fact that how I focus and train my perception can drive my gratitude level in the right direction and my serenity to new sustainable heights. "
Coffee Can of Crayons [Oct 10, 2008]
"It's a fairly safe bet that most of us probably got here as a result of a brick of one kind or another."
Situational Awareness [[Oct 16, 2008]
"I've had to learn whole new forms of situational awareness. I can now sense when a situation I am is is not healthy for me."
Unselfishness [Oct 17, 2008]
"For this drunk must always remember it must be about the intent and spirit of the giving, not the gift."
My way or the Highway? [Oct 25, 2008]
"that is exactly what I see recovery like. A game of pick-up-sticks. Each and every one of us a mite different - but all having the same objective. Pick up all the pieces"
A strong cup of crazy in the morning [Oct 31, 2008]
"OK - Emotions. I still am working out how to "easily" live with them. Mine or other peoples. Even now, emotional confrontations or situations drive me nuts. "
Just one more? [Nov 1, 2008]
"I know today that if I cannot change the wind, I can adjust my sail. I know the difference between superstition and spirituality."
Mistake in the Big Book [Nov 2, 2008]
"I find it interesting that once the premise of a Higher Power (of any kind) is accepted, there are no holes in the logic or design for spiritual recovery. "

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