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Nov - Dec 2008

Sobriety - Why bother? [Nov 8, 2008]
"Please stick with it. Find a meeting, get a sponsor and live (not just do or work) the steps. Dive into the program. It works in ways I never even imagined when I first walked in the door."
Truth, Justice and the AA way... [Nov 11, 2008]
"OK, you say "what's the point in all this"? So lets twist this into a recovery theme. Responsibility. Every one of them made it their personal responsibility to make life better for others, with no thought for themselves."
Quote for the evening [Nov 19, 2008]
"The perfect description for how I feel: "Sobriety does not feel altogether normal. But it does feel altogether right...". I'll leave you with that. Because it really does..."
Eye of the storm [Nov 22, 2008]
"Thank God for you all and our fellowships, that oft passed over part of the twelfth step (practicing these principles in all my affairs) and the serenity prayer. Especially that part about accepting."
Normal - who me? [Nov 23, 2008]
"When we were out there drinking and drugging, we were not normal. Now that we are not drinking and drugging we are not normal. We will never be "normal"."
Spiritual experience vs Spiritual experience [Dec 5, 2008]
"Many of us have heard tell or experienced something we cannot describe other than as some "Higher Power" intervening in our thoughts and/or lives. I had one such - the release from any desire do drink. "
MURPHY'S REAL LAWS [Dec 5, 2008]
"Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world population."
Paper airplanes and bathtubs don't mix [Dec 10, 2008]
"He goes on to say that truly joyful people stay in the present - the here and now, not the then and never. "
Offline [Dec 13, 2008]
"I'm saddened to say my father died last night. I'm going to pack up my toys, crayons and sidewalk chalk and head back east for a week or so and I may not be on line."
Online for the moment [Dec 14, 2008]
"Until this happened I never really realized how deeply each and every one of you have pervaded every atom of my being."
Interesting Interview [Dec 18, 2008]
"It's worth the watching:"
Fishing, not catching [Dec 20, 2008]
"This blog is dedicated to a good friend and fishing buddy."

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