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Jan - Feb 2009

Reasons [Jan 24, 2009]
"The topic around the tables this afternoon was about as straightforward as pushing cooked spaghetti across a wire mesh. "How and why do we stay sober?". "
Yet Another Chaos Theory [Jan 25, 2009]
"We discussed manageability today at our early morning meeting. Or rather the apparent lack thereof."
Be Still [Jan 31, 2009]
"What did happen was after a short while I "felt" better. Began to "think" clearer. "
Meeting? [Feb 1, 2009]
"Robert's Rules of Order for chat:"
Parade Ground [Feb 1, 2009]
"Through inattention or inaction, this disease held in abeyance can kill me just as dead as any combat action can."
A quiet chat, just the three of us [Feb 7, 2009]
"If you've been holding back on that fourth/fifth step - my counsel is don't. Git er' done. It's only worth the rest of your life."
Meeting in voice chat tonight? [Feb 8, 2009]
"Anyone up for a get-together tonight?"
Tolerance for perspectives [Feb 8, 2009]
"It is in all our best interests to observe respect for others beliefs. We should all here for the same reason - to give and receive Experience, Strength and Hope."
Choices [Feb 13, 2009]
"I was given a reprieve. Snatched from the brink of insanity and death. But I've learned also that this reprieve has a price."
Reinvention of the wheel [Feb 13, 2009]
"The realization that offering up all our bad qualities to God does not free us from the obligation of "walking the talk" can be a sobering realization. "
A Valentine [Feb 14, 2009]
"Happy Valentines day, my friends. This is your card. Thank you for the love you've given me. "
Humor? [Feb 15, 2009]
"I am a Nobody. Nobody is Perfect. Therefore I am Perfect."

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