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Feb - Apr 2009

Suffering is Optional [Feb 21, 2009]
"I've been blessed to have these opportunities to serve, help and build. Sure, coming all at once, there's some pain. But suffering is optional..."
Just enough Rope... [Feb 27, 2009]
"Part of a really good program is balance in all things, spiritual, emotional and physical. "
Touched by Angels - When Worlds Collide [Mar 6, 2009]
"Caused me to tap into parts of myself I never even knew I had. Expanding my life, stretching my horizons. "
Why Bother? [Mar 6, 2009]
"Quiet gratitude and joy for all these things granted me today. And just think, it was all because I didn't pick up that first drink. That's why."
Challenges [Mar 10, 2009]
"My wife and I are doing a thing called "Love Dare", a Christian based program that is designed to bring couples closer together."
A Different View? [Mar 15, 2009]
"But I no longer have to look at things as just win or lose, black or white, good or bad. In everything that happens to and around me today, there is somewhere a bit of good. "
More than enough [Mar 20, 2009]
"Things that are stated in confidence should never be used as weapons to harm another. Breaking trust is an action that can destroy a person that is already sick."
All I want... [Mar 29, 2009]
"The second is that when I form expectations about people, places, things and events - I can really be setting myself up for a fall."
Poetry in motion [Apr 7, 2009]
"If you haven't gotten into service work as part of your recovery - I'd recommend it. Far better than using meetings to stay sober."
Clueless? [Apr 10, 2009]
"On one hand we have what appears to be a person without a place - and on the other a place without a person. Seems to me like a clueless version of musical chairs."
Regret the Past? [Apr 11, 2009]
" Early on, the fantasy of going back and changing or ignoring events in my life was overpowering."
"Are We There Yet" [Apr 13, 2009]
"in recovery we are often in a hurry to "git er done", only to find out that life won't cooperate with us"

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