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Apr - May 2009

Live Chat [Apr 14, 2009]
"Like anything worth doing, it takes effort to make it play - so if you want a meeting, then you'll probably have to go for it..."
Measure Twice, Cut Once [Apr 19, 2009]
"It's surprising how similar recovery and woodworking are. I needed to have a detailed plan - like the 12 steps. "
Speedbump? [Apr 28, 2009]
" What I have discovered is contentment. Being able to be satisfied (today) with what I have (today)."
Stinky Flowers? [May 1, 2009]
"The depths that my alcoholic thinking drove me to would astound me today - if not for the fact I lived every minute of it."
Take what you need... [May 4, 2009]
"That AA community setting is one of the "safer" places for many of us, where we can ask in a general way for practical help and support for many of the issues that face us daily. "
Good enough for today [May 6, 2009]
"Normal people think nothing of a day without drinking. Today I'm reminded that I'm one of the miracles, because I didn't pick up a drink today. "
Less [May 8, 2009]
"It was my first fourth step. The interesting part was the quieting of the voices. Just by writing out the events and my part in them took away part of their hold on me."
A very good day for this drunk [May 10, 2009]
"The party was for two reasons. Mother's Day and to celebrate my sobriety birthday with my family. Both which are now important to me today."
Anonymity and Trust [May 12, 2009]
"Being circumspect engenders trust. Protecting the confidentiality of all involved also does so. "
Shadows lurking around the edges? [May 20, 2009]
"There has been a plethora of, shall I say, "other than straightforward" profiles created over the past while here at MyRecoverySpace."
Absent Friends [May 30, 2009]
"A fifteen year old gentle giant, the exact opposite of the bobcat. He developed a tumor and we had to put him to sleep."
Bridges [May 31, 2009]
" I was told that AA could help with getting "there" - where ever "there" was. Call these fellowships "bridges" between insanity ("here") and sobriety ("there"). "

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