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Jun - Sep 2009

Who, Me? [Jun 12, 2009]
"It got me to thinking about how nothing whatsoever has changed in this tired old world since I got sober. All the things in this picture were there yesterday, are here today and probably will be there tomorrow."
Ennui [Jun 23, 2009]
"Mayhaps others are tired of hearing how this person or that got and stayed sober. I'm not. If one percent of what someone says helps me stay sober today, it's worth the 99."
Dealing with a bullheaded fool [Jun 30, 2009]
"I had to learn that I couldn't let that jerk in the mirror act like a spoiled 12 year old any more. Dang."
Musical Gods [Jul 2, 2009]
"I find it interesting that we here and others in recovery all recognize - or are coming to grips with the fact that the center of our universe isn't quite what we expected or originally wanted. "
His reality and my expectations [Jul 3, 2009]
"All it takes is planning the trip without planning the outcome. By not putting my expectations out there too far or too much, it means I get to enjoy the trips that much more."
The Suit [Jul 5, 2009]
"I learned that my feelings are reactions to where I am now. My emotions are often the result of unresolved feelings regarding situations I was in before."
Tis a good thing... [Jul 24, 2009]
"The recent reflection on events in my life over the last few years that led up to today has showed me something very important. How God has worked so many fantastic opportunities in my life - in spite of the myriad of poor decisions on my part."
His will - or mine be done? [Aug 8, 2009]
"There's a test called the "Four Absolutes" that is part of early AA (a gift from the Oxford Group) that was used as a filter to test a decision, inspiration or idea to see which side of the fence it belonged on."
The Coin [Aug 16, 2009]
"Flipping a coin is a really good way to decide something that really doesn't matter in the first place. But most things do matter - some more so than others."
The only thing that's stopping me... [Aug 29, 2009]
"Twas easier in my mind to drink and dream. Or drink and scheme. When the end of my rope came, it was drink and scream."
Don't need no stinkin meeting? [Sep 6, 2009]
"Trust God, Clean House, Help Others. The three basic ingredients for sobriety. Take one out and the recipe is spoiled. That last part I can't do alone. Gotta go where "Others" are."
Decisions, decisions [Sep 7, 2009]
"Consequences. Yep, there sure are. That's where the things I am learning come in to play. There aren't any regrets if you do no harm in the first place."

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