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Sep - Nov 2009

Just a little difference [Sep 10, 2009]
"So I had this belief that there was a God - but blinded by alcohol, I never got past just believing."
But for... [Sep 14, 2009]
"It wasn't the best of days yesterday. Our Sunday morning meeting had yet another reminder of what happens when one of us doesn't quite get it quick enough."
Striking a balance [Sep 27, 2009]
"I've learned that my well-being is only temporary - and it is based solely on my spiritual condition. That's why it is oh-so very important for me to do all those things that got me sober in the first place."
Dignity? [Oct 19, 2009]
"The really great thing is as long as I remember to do all the things that got me here, I get to play with others of like mind. And we get to treat each other with - dignity, of all things."
Lights, Camera, Action [Oct 28, 2009]
"But I've also learned that one can not let up on this "action". Once engaged, these things end up being something I'll hopefully be doing right up till it's time to take a dirt nap."
Tolerance [Oct 31, 2009]
"That brings me to a bit of a point. Tolerance, and how much I need to use it to moderate my relationships with others."
Waiting [Nov 1, 2009]
"Here I am sitting at this site, and for a frozen moment in time - it's all mine. With its own quiet dignity, the rooms are all at rest, No bustle, no guests."
Roadblocks and Speedbumps [Nov 7, 2009]
"Being the person I am, I will grouse and grumble over these roadblocks and speedbumps on my road, but I've well learned that they are there for a reason and to ignore them is to put my life at risk."
Glum? [Nov 8, 2009]
"Due to the downturn in the economy, Alcoholics Anonymous will NO LONGER be dues and membership "free" as has been the case for almost 75 years. Like many businesses, AA will now be charging for some things that used to be free"
ISM? [Nov 9, 2009]
" So we find that if you do this simple equation: alcoholic - alcohol = ic or ICK - which I was . Pretty icky. All the attributes and habits of my ism were still there."
Lest we forget [Nov 10, 2009]
"When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. 'Ms. Cothren, where're our desks?'"
Just Once - The rest of the story [Nov 12, 2009]
"When I came in the rooms I was told to do certain things and I'd reap certain benefits (The Promises). Please note that I was not told to do them once, nor I was not told to stop doing them."

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