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Nov - Dec 2009

Powerlessness [Nov 13, 2009]
"I was told that there were certain other things that would provide me with a foundation for sobriety that would be unshakable - if I was willing. I was willing."
Then do something about it [Nov 15, 2009]
"The whole purpose behind this prattle is to let those of you that are stuck finding that God of your own understanding is you need to get out there and dig. Get up and do something."
Ok, What Next? Grab a broom... [Nov 18, 2009]
"The fourth step is the start of the housecleaning. Some of us (Moi?) had some serious work to do, clearing a lot of debris out. The easiest way to do this is take it in stages."
But Mom - He started it!!! [Nov 20, 2009]
"I really have to remember that on those occasions where everybody did not walk away happy, joyous and free, it is really all about me."
If it ain't broke - Don't fix it... [Nov 22, 2009]
"One of the things done is provide suggestions on the prayer and meditation. Things like taking notes when listening to God. Testing the ideas, inspirations and thoughts against the four absolutes."
Life's in session. So what? [Nov 26, 2009]
"It is ony by the Grace of God and my fellowship with all those of you that are a part of my sobriety that I am granted this daily reprieve from institutions, jails and a miserable death."
Drunk Cooking [Nov 28, 2009]
"This delicious secret recipe has been handed down through generations of drunks. I strongly advise against trying this at home - or reading this if stupid drunk jokes is a trigger."
One is too much - or never enough? [Nov 28, 2009]
"Those last three steps, 10 - continue to take personal inventory, 11 - seek out a better relationship with God and 12 - practice these principles as part of my life and bring the message of sobriety to others. These are commonly called maintenance steps. Why? Because I get to do them as long as I want to stay in recovery."
Love is a Choice [Nov 29, 2009]
"But the point of this drivel is that a choice to love or not is just that. A choice, based on the external stimuli and a composite of internal emotions I am experiencing at any given time."
Where'd that bus come from? [Nov 30, 2009]
"I can't make the connection with my current self and deciding to not love someone. It would invalidate everything I strive to live for today. I would have to revert to my ego-driven self-centered thinking to build a credible hypothesis."
"MARRIAGE: A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, but she does.."
Our Common Welfare... [Dec 26, 2009]
"It's said that the 12 traditions are to an AA group what the 12 steps are to an alcoholic. From my experience, that is a cast-in-concrete fact."

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