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Dec 2009 - Jun 2010

Only one Boss [Dec 31, 2009]
"But yet no matter the issue before us we always can come to a decision that allows the group to continue in it's purpose - keeping me sober :-D."
Drunks need not apply??? [Jan 1, 2010]
"A stated desire to stop doing whatever your fellowship is there to help you with. Only YOU can declare yourself in - or out."
We get to do our own thing - kinda [Jan 3, 2010]
"This means that we can structure and set up a group any way that our collective group conscience deems appropriate. But then there are a few caveats to that."
What's in it for us? [Jan 8, 2010]
"What's in it for us? Through the giving of experience, strength and hope to a fellow alcoholic in need, we stave off that desire to do alcoholic acts (up to and including picking up that first drink)."
Staying Focused [Jan 10, 2010]
"We all have things we often embrace with great enthusiasm and energy. Cool. If you believe in something, you should support it. One caveat. Always use the proper venue."
Blood from a rock? [Jan 16, 2010]
"The seventh tradition insures that we are living within our means.We are responsible for what we do and how we do it."
Keeping life in perspective [Jan 19, 2010]
"One of the most important things I can do for both myself and others is to pay attention. Why? For me, it gets me out of my own little corner of the world, reminds me that I ain't the do-all end-all. For whomever I interact with - it tells them they are not alone."
Recovery - a spectator sport? [Jan 22, 2010]
"It appears from looking at blogs and forums that there is a usually core of 5-15 people at each that provide for the major amount of general interaction and stimulus at each site."
Cleaning House [Feb 7, 2010]
"Cleaning house is a very good thing for this drunk. I got what they have - I'm happy today. You get a chance, try it - it really works..."
MIA? [Mar 26, 2010]
"A short while back I ended up going to the doctor. Had a cold that turned into a lung infection. Making this incredibly boring story short is I was diagnosed with very severe emphysema."
The Promises [Jun 16, 2010]
"Tina (Godluvsall) and I hit it off well from the beginning and a friendship bloomed, soon including her husband (then fiance) and daughter and my wife. Little did any of us know that we would meet 6000 feet up in the mountains when this all started those years ago."
Out of the mouth of babes... [Jun 19, 2010]
"I learned a lot from people with between 2 months and 2 years under their belts. They said things I understood. spoke of feeling the way I did. They talked of things they did to solve their immediate problems. "

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