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Jun 2010 - Feb 2011

Observation [Jun 22, 2010]
"Its OK to be wrong..."
Night Gallery [Oct 11, 2010]
"It's been bandied about the rooms that the most dangerous neighborhood in the world for an alcoholic is his own mind."
Stuff [Dec 8, 2010]
"That's what I used to be like. A fake smile pasted over the contempt or boredom I really felt at these occasions. "
Dignity? [Dec 10, 2010]
"Worthy of esteem or respect. One of the promises we get from living the program - and often don't even notice it..."
Just another day? [Feb 5, 2011]
"Sure, a day (or a week, month - whatever) sober may not seem like much for some, especially when caught up in the mainstream of life. But for us when newly sober (for the first time or the tenth) these time periods are an eternity."
Smiling [Feb 12, 2011]
"I like today's picture better. It makes me smile inside. Today I can do that. Smile inside. I wasn't able to a while back."

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