This is a calendar of online meetings at various different recovery-related websites. You can click on or select the arrow icon to go to the meeting. If you are on a desktop or laptop you can hover your mouse over other icons to see what information they represent. You can also visit the online meetings overview for an explanation of all of the icons.

Meeting times are given in U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please offset the given time accordingly for your time zone. You can use the world timezone map or the world clock or view the Find Your Timezone widget below for determining time differences.

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Meetings for Sunday (EST)

12:00 AM
Serenity By The Cybernet Closed A.A. Meeting
2:00 AM
Another 24 - Beginner's Meeting
5:00 AM
Sunday Early Reflections
7:00 AM
'The Just for This Day' Tool 8 Literature Study Meeting
8:00 AM
Showing Up Action Group
8:30 AM
Living Sober Early Sunday
9:00 AM
Sunday 9 AM Eastern Meeting
Open Joint AA/Al-Anon Meeting
10:00 AM
A Spiritual Life
The ACA Breakfast Club Meeting
11:00 AM
DA HOW Ways & Means Discussion Group
11:30 AM
Sunday Joint Fellowship Meeting
12:00 PM
Business As Usual
Noon A.A. Meeting
Open Al-Anon Meeting
Stepping Together Phone Meeting
1:00 PM
New Beginnings
1:30 PM
Computer Gaming Addicts
2:00 PM
Sunday Beginners Meeting
3:00 PM
Leafless People
4:00 PM
Sunday Serenity
Women's Meeting
5:00 PM
Sunday Night Alanon
5:30 PM
Worldwide Meeting of Debtors Anonymous
6:00 PM
Sober Serenity
Sunday Afternoon Al-Anon Meeting
7:00 PM
As Bill Sees It
Open A.A. Meeting
Global Gratitude Meeting
Showing Up Action Group
7:30 PM
Al-Anon Step Work Meeting
8:00 PM
Sunday Phone BDA
Narcotics Anonymous Chat
9:00 PM
Companions on the Journey Al-Anon Meeting
Narcotics Anonymous Meeting
Serenity Sundays
'Til Debts Due Us Part
9:30 PM
Closed ACOA Meeting
10:00 PM
24 Hours a Day
Sunday Survival
Speakers Meeting
Narcotics Anonymous Chat
Computer Gaming Addicts
10:30 PM
Fifth Tradition A.A. Meeting
11:00 PM
Courage to Change Closed Al-Anon Meeting